Tuesday, July 8, 2008

News After NAMM

Wow - we had a great turnout at NAMM and we've finally come up for air!

Thanks to all the buyers, media and artists who stopped by to give our pedals a spin. Your feedback has been tremendous!!! The folks at Premier Guitar Magazine loved Retro-Sonic, so check back for more coverage in the weeks ahead.
Here is just a sampling of the talented artists who demo'd our line of pedals at NAMM. It was a blast to see your reactions to our gear, and we are thrilled that Retro-Sonic will be on your pedal boards.

More NAMM updates to come. Here are a few photos of the action at our booth.


Audley Freed - former guitarist with Black Crowes, recently Dixie Chicks, currently Jakob Dylan & more ~ just phenomenal

Brian Nutter - Guitarist with Keith Urban Band,absolutely amazing talent, super nice guy!

Nick Sterling - guitar prodigy to look out for

Byan Austin - superb guitarist with Clint Black band

Lisa Lim - a phenominal artist & performer, drawing huge crowds at our NAMM booth

Crowds & Media Interviews

More to come!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

DISTORTION Pedal Debuts at NAAM June 20-22 @ BOOTH #1646

Retro-Sonic Inc.® announces the latest addition to our vintage-inspired boutique effect pedal line. The DISTORTION pedal is based on a LM308 op-amp design, and features true bypass with Distortion, Tone and Level controls. Together, these provide a wide range of tonal possibilities, from subtly distorted blues tones through to classic rock and metal.

The DISTORTION pedal will debut at NAMM in Nashville, June 20-22/08. Visit the Retro-Sonic team and demo our entire line of vintage-inspired effects at our BOOTH #1646.

As added flexibility, Retro-Sonic ® has incorporated two internal trim pots to allow adjustment to the frequency response of the gain structure. This gives DISTORTION users the option to tailor the overall response of the pedal to taste, by reducing or increasing the mix of high or low end content. More tonal flexibility can be explored through multiple clipping options via a 3 position mini toggle switch selects symmetrical-diode, asymmetrical-diode, or LED clipping.

The Retro-Sonic® DISTORTION is a professional quality effect pedal that recaptures the much sought-after “vintage vibe”. It is a truly versatile and musical pedal design that responds to touch, producing a big, natural, harmonically rich tone that works with any guitar-pedal-amp configuration.

The DISTORTION uses a standard negative tip 9v adaptor or battery. The highest quality components, handmade details and stringent testing, set the Retro-Sonic ® line above other boutique effects.

Product will ship in June, 2008.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Video & Sound Demos - Brian Nutter, Keith Urban Band

We'd like to thank guitarist Brian Nutter of the Keith Urban Band for his video demo of our Retro-Sonic Pedals: Chorus, Delay, Compressor, Phaser, and Overdrive.
Check out his talent and video/sound clips at:

Thanks for your tremendous talent & support Brian!!! Looking forward to seeing you in Nashville!


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Website - Better than Ever!

We've been working hard, behind the scenes, to create a hip new website for Retro-Sonic®, that has just the right vibe. There is still some fine-tuning to be done, but it's ready to roll! Check out the new www.retro-sonic.com.

We've also just launched our new Blog. This will be a key way for us to communicate with artists on an ongoing basis. We dig that!

We will be posting more information on our dealers, artist programmes, with more sound clips and video clips on the new site.

Check back often!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

BOOST Now Shipping!

The Retro-Sonic BOOST is a FET-AMP (FA-1) style design, offering the original circuitry and updated with high quality components (metal film resistors, caps), and true bypass.
Control layout features Bass, Treble, Volume, and Flat / Low Cut switch. As added flexibility, an internal switch can add a clipping circuit for a mild overdrive effect.
Now available for Shipping! By popular demand!


Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Year - New Thing

So, I've finally decided to jump on the Blog Bandwagon! I will be posting all the latest and greatest on Retro-Sonic custom effect pedals - new product developments, artist programs, and updates on who has already got the 'vintage vibe'! Thanks!